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Asbestos Removal

With over 30 years industry experience in asbestos removal, you can trust ASB to provide an asbestos management solution tailor made to suit your site.

ASB Environmental specialises in licensed asbestos removal and asbestos disposal from garages, fences, walls, extensions and ceilings for residential, commercial and industrial. Our aim is always to safely remove asbestos utilising best practice techniques.

Asbestos Inspections

In the event you think you may have discovered asbestos fiber, it is important not to disturb it. The team at ASB Environmental have years of experience eliminating asbestos fiber from residential and commercial properties. We will thoroughly test and determine whether or not it is asbestos, we will remove it correctly, quickly and with minimal disruption as possible.

Asbestos Removal Cost

We realise that asbestos removal can seem like a high cost for many residents and business owners. However , in the long run your family members and employees long-term wellbeing will outweigh this expense. ASB Environmental’s service is both cost-effective and competitive, simply call us right now for an obligation-free quote.

The price can depend on your location, along with the type of asbestos in your building and the amount of asbestos that involves removal. There are several different types of asbestos, which can only be determined via a lab inspection and examination report.
Please note, it's not only unsafe but illegal to try and remove the asbestos yourself. Always ask a professional to get this job done, as it is far more healthy for you in the long run.

What factors can affect the price of asbestos removal? Asbestos removal can be a long-winded process. There are many variables that can affect the pricing of the asbestos you wish to remove from the building.
Some of which include the following below:

  • Size of the area in which asbestos needs to be removed from.

  • If your flooring is adhesive vinyl. This may contain asbestos in the adhesive.

  • Asbestos removal from premises.Asbestos removal from premises.

  • Type of asbestos found.

  • The type of ceiling you have: cement sheet, insulation, roof tiles, popcorn ceiling and so forth.The type of ceiling you have: cement sheet, insulation, roof tiles, popcorn ceiling and so forth.

  • Obstacles that may result in further damage (i.e. trees, roots and rocks).

  • Height and slope of the roof.

  • The amount of asbestos fibres found in your property - loose fibres tend to be more time intensive and may cost you more.

  • The travel distance to the job.

  • The condition of the asbestos.

  • The accessibility and ease of access of the asbestos location.

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